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Media and Entertainment Consulting

Red Diamond provides liaison and technical consulting for entertainment productions. Military, intelligence, first responder and law enforcement agencies are frequently portrayed inaccurately in entertainment productions, significantly undermining the authenticity of the final product. This ranges in various things from tactics, equipment, culture, accuracy in historical representations, right through to the basics such as uniforms and terminology.

Ensuring that the portrayal of these various entities is realistic and grounded in reality not only enhances the final production, but also serves to honour the men and women who have served their nation and community in uniform.

Our technical consultants come from a range of backgrounds, and bring significant experience that will improve the quality of the entertainment and media projects being undertaken.

We provide consulting and support for the following areas:

-    Television and film productions (including extras and role players); 
-    Video gaming;
-    Documentaries, 
-    Print productions;
-    Historical research;

-    Script development; and,
-    Liaison with military and law enforcement bodies to improve working relationships in                   the production of the above mentioned mediums.


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Avoid this... incorrect uniform for naval officer